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Mannequin Gardening Solutions 


DIY Makeovers

Don't need a full redesign but maybe some new ideas to freshen up your outdoor spaces? 

A 1-hour consult may be all you need to jumpstart your ideas!  

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The dried bush of a tomato. The plant withered from lack of water. World Drought. wilted p

Not sure where to start?

Not getting the results you want?

Make a list of questions

and give us a call!

Anything Gardening!

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Trees & Shrub Care

From a lesson on proper pruning techniques to diagnosing issues - your tree and shrub health can be addressed!


In-person or Online

with Master Gardener Sheila Bonneteau

           $50 2022 season

Hover over boxes for details

Other Services...


Join me for an evening of practical learning and inspiration!  

-Visual learning

-Open discussions

-Hands-on Workshops


Breathing new life into worn-out perennial beds or finding the perfect design for a new landscape, let us create a plan that will suit any level of gardener.


What Clients have to say...

Emma W.

As a first-time gardener, I wanted the best results from my containers without spending outside my budget...

Janice V.

I recently built a new home and started with a lot full of topsoil and an endless white fenceline that I thought I could design myself over time. Even with 30 years of gardening experience, I quickly realized I was in way over my head...

Jan M.

It’s a miracle!!! With Sheila’s excellent gardening knowledge, listening skills, humour and ability she has taken my random ideas and transformed them into a glorious yard... 

area of service

Mannequin Gardening Solutions is serving clients in the city of Regina and the rural communities within a 1-hour driving distance.


ONLINE CONSULTS are available for those outside the driving area!

gift certificates

Gift certificates are available for all of Mannequin Gardening Solutions services. These make great birthday, thank-you or Mother’s Day gifts!

contact Sheila

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