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Mannequin Gardening Solutions 


with Master Gardener Sheila Bonneteau

           $50 2024 season


DIY Makeover Advice

Don't need a full redesign but maybe some new ideas to freshen up your outdoor spaces? 

A one- hour consult may be all you need to jumpstart your ideas!  

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A daisy that is half dead and half alive..jpg
The dried bush of a tomato. The plant withered from lack of water. World Drought. wilted p

Expert Growing and Yard Maintenance Advice

Not sure where to start?

Not getting the results you want?

Make a list of questions

and give us a call!

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Join Sheila for an evening of practical learning and inspiration!  

-Online and In-person Lectures 

-Hands-on Workshops

What Clients have to say...

Emma W.

As a first-time gardener, I wanted the best results from my containers without spending outside my budget...

Janice V.

I recently built a new home and started with a lot full of topsoil and an endless white fenceline that I thought I could design myself over time. Even with 30 years of gardening experience, I quickly realized I was in way over my head...

Jan M.

It’s a miracle!!! With Sheila’s excellent gardening knowledge, listening skills, humour and ability she has taken my random ideas and transformed them into a glorious yard... 

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