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Herb Plants

Emma W.

 As a first-time gardener, I wanted the best results from my containers without spending outside my budget.  Sheila companion shopped with me at my local big box store.  She coached me on how to pick the healthiest plants, annuals to avoid and how to group plants with the same growing needs.  We planted my containers and designed a maintenance schedule that guaranteed my first attempt at container gardening was a complete success!  As a bonus, we included edibles in my pots and I picked herbs all summer long.  I already have Sheila booked for next spring!


Jan M.

It’s a miracle!!! With Sheila’s excellent gardening knowledge, listening skills, humour and ability she has taken my random ideas and transformed them into a glorious yard... I have gone from a “black thumb” to an enthusiastic gardener in a few short years. Sheila has worked with my colour preferences and odd propensity for “order and uniformity” and turned them into a cohesive picture of texture and colour and infinite interest. Our shopping adventures have been a delight...I have learned so much!! My yard is now the most beautiful and interesting in the neighbourhood.

Residential back yard landscape design w

Janice V

I recently built a new home and started with a lot full of topsoil and an endless white fence line that I thought I could design myself over time. Even with 30 years of gardening experience, I quickly realized I was in way over my head. The first company I hired to design my space clearly had no experience growing the terrible perennials they recommended, and the plan didn't reflect my tastes in the least.  They simply were not experienced gardeners.  Thankfully, that's when I met Sheila at one of her presentations.  She spent time getting to know me and my skill level, then offered suggestions that perfectly complemented my new home and my love of entertaining in the summer.  I now have a beautiful mix of shrubs and perennials that compliments my character home and is just the right amount of gardening for someone my age.  Sheila checks on my gardens from time to time and I know she is only a phone call away if I have a question.  


Freda C.

It all started when my kids thought I could be more creative with a new flower bed.  For once I didn’t argue, and immediately secured Sheila’s contact information from a neighbour who was really pleased with Sheila’s consulting work. I had been itching to have her address some problem areas in my yard including that flowerbed.  Sheila came out in a timely manner and I was immediately impressed; she gave plant suggestions, soil advice, and offered pruning techniques.  

I found Sheila’s rates quite reasonable, enabling me to have her back in spring, to ensure everything is on track.  I’m hoping to do it right this time.  I will be more successful in planting the right plants in the right light and soil conditions.  The amount of money, I spent on Sheila’s services, will be more than recouped by using her suggestions of dividing current plants and not buying expensive plants/shrubs that will not work in our yard.

Her designs also factored in water and labour conservation by plant choices or, in some cases, adding structural features. Let me repeat, I was very impressed!!!  Now I have passed her name to a neighbour and Sheila has also inspired her.  

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